About Us

Stony Mountain Farm is a small farm and homestead located in the picturesque Upper Squamish Valley. We started to dabble in farming in the fall of 2008 when we welcomed our first flock of 50 hens with the desire to provide ourselves and a few friends with fresh eggs laid by happy hens. At this point we were hooked! Educating ourselves on how many animals are treated when raised for meat and eggs we decided to make a small difference raising animals for consumption respected, in a natural setting and allow them to exhibit natural behaviors. All our animals are raised outdoors, rain, sun or snow, with ample space provided!  At no point do we rely on the use of antibiotics or other medications to keep our animals healthy. All our animals are fed a Canadian grown, non-gmo, balanced diet. They also get plenty of worms, bugs, fruit, veggies and whatever they find outside.

For more information at any time email us at stonymtnfarm@gmail.com.